Things I learned today

Compiling Apache and PHP from scratch in DSO mode is a nightmare Slicehost’s ability to restore a server image from a backup is incredibly useful I’m glad I’m a developer and not a sys admin That is all.

Delete/backspace doesn’t work in nano

If you’ve ever performed a fresh install of Ubuntu, you’ve probably noticed that the delete/backspace key doesn’t work correctly in nano. This is frustrating, but easy enough to fix. This problem also occurs quite frequently for me when logging into a remote server. For example, a default Slicehost instance usually … Continue reading

Autumn beauty at Hanging Rock

In November, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Hanging Rock State Park with some friends from church. Though the fall colors were past peak, it was still an enjoyable and invigorating hike. I took this video clip from the top of Hanging Rock with my iPod Nano. It … Continue reading

Secrets of Effective Nomading

“Secrets of Effective Nomading” was a lightning talk I was planning on giving at this year’s Ruby Hoedown. Due to my flight arrangements, however, I was unable to give the talk in person. I made a video recording instead. It’s about six minutes long. If you’re not familiar with the … Continue reading

Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Raleigh looks quite interesting. It’s essentially a conference made up entirely of lightning talks. Voting is now taking place on submitted talks. The top 10 will be given on August 5th. I submitted a talk titled 3 Secrets to Effective Nomading. Check out the description and, if you feel … Continue reading

Career 2.0 book mention

Mark Mzyk gave a brief review of Career 2.0, the book by Jared Richardson that I contributed to, over on his blog. He also recommends The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler, another excellent career-boosting read. (If you’ve posted a review of Career 2.0 on your own blog, let me know.)

Looking for a good developer?

I’m in between projects right now and looking for some work to get me through the next month or so. Are you looking for a top-notch Ruby, Rails, or Java developer for your project? Drop me an email and let’s talk.