Amending git commits

Git is a wonderful SCM with some very powerful features. But as a programmer, it’s very easy to aquire a rudimentary working knowledge of Git and never learn anything more. For example, how would we fix our repository if we committed the wrong piece of code? What if our commit … Continue reading

Registration for BarCampRDU 2007 is open

Registration for this year’s BarCampRDU is now open. This is an event I unfortunately had to miss last year due to a prior commitment. I’m really looking forward to attending this year. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic experience.

Deploying PHP apps with Capistrano

Capistrano is a wonderful tool. I have this really old PHP-based web site,, that I needed to make a change to earlier today. (The spam bots had finally found my news submission form.) I decided this was as good a time as any to automate deployment of the app. … Continue reading

First Agile RTP meeting tonight

This is just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood agilist that the new Agile RTP user group has its first meeting in Cary tonight. Read more about it on Jared’s blog. This sounds like a great opportunity to meet other agile-minded people in the area and listen to an interesting … Continue reading

Mind blowing Ruby

I’ve been writing Ruby code for over four years now. I’ve been getting paid to do so for about two years. Prior to that, the bacon I brought home came mainly through the careful crafting of lines of Java, PHP, and C# code. Matz spoiled the party for me in … Continue reading

The importance of code reviews

Have you ever done a code review? Most developers haven’t. It doesn’t seem to be a regular practice in many parts of the software industry, yet by ignoring the importance of code reviews we miss out on the benefits that they can provide. My friend and former co-worker Sri has … Continue reading

NFJS 2006 wrap-up

It was with mixed sadness and relief that NFJS 2006 came to a close last Sunday evening. Two and a half solid days of listening to some of the best technical speakers in the country can be draining, but the knowledge and enthusiasm one picks up is priceless. The highlights … Continue reading

NFJS Expert Panel podcast

I noticed today that the NFJS web site now has a podcast. One of the audio clips available is the entire Expert Panel session from the New England NFJS in March. I’ve started listening and it’s quite good. In fact, it’s making me hungry for more great discussion at the … Continue reading