Montastically cool

I have a web site I’ve been working on that tends to go down at odd times during the night. It’s an issue with the web host, and due to financial constraints my client is not willing to relocate the site anytime soon. So I’m stuck with having to log … Continue reading

Port of the Ocadia theme to Mephisto

I began poking around the intriguing Rails-based Mephisto blogging engine this weekend. While the app itself looks quite promising, there is a noticeable absence of themes for it. I’m sure this will change, but in the meantime I thought I’d make my own contribution. The particular blog I’m converting originally … Continue reading

Soapadoo now reads my blog

My friend Duff’s latest enhancement to Soapadoo is so totally excellent that I thought I should blog about it. In addition to being the premiere source for reviews of anything, Soapadoo can now read your blog and detect when you’ve posted a review. Soapadoo will then syndicate that review itself, … Continue reading

Learn CruiseControl in three minutes

Paul Duvall of NFJS fame just posted an excellent three-minute video demonstrating how to download, install, and use CruiseControl for Java. Having used both CruiseControl and CruiseControl.NET, I can say that this is one of the most concise tutorials I’ve seen for a geek who already knows his stuff, but … Continue reading

Of satellite photos and real estate values is amazing. Enter an address, street name, or neighborhood name and you’ll be presented with a scrolling satellite photo of the area (a la Google Maps). Hover over a house and its current market value will be displayed. Spooky.

Introducing Radiant, a Rails-based CMS

An old friend from a project I briefly worked on during my days at RoleModel Software just released a Rails-based open source Content Management System called Radiant this week. It looks pretty snappy! Add to that the fact that the Ruby-Lang web site will soon be using it and you’ve … Continue reading