Walk for Life

I’m participating in the 2010 Walk for Life this month to support Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest. The walk is a family-friendly event that raises awareness and funding for the center. The cool thing is that you don’t need to walk or even live in Wake Forest to support … Continue reading

Locking a nation into permanent childhood

America’s education system is majorly messed up. The disturbing thing is the intentionality with which it’s being destroyed, coupled with the ignorance of most parents to what’s really going on: … American schooling was taken over, in the late 19th century, by statists enamored of the Prussian compulsion model, aiming … Continue reading

Face the music, parents

News flash: What teens watch, listen to and read affects their thinking and behavior. Sound common-sensical? In years gone by, it was. But today, in our increasingly permissive culture, otherwise well-intentioned parents often ignore the obvious. My brother is a columnist and regularly writes for WorldNetDaily. His latest article details … Continue reading