Published Articles

Ruby in Practice with Jeremy McAnally6/3/09 on InfoQ
An interview with Jeremy about his new book, “Ruby in Practice.”

WEB4J: Contrarian Web App Development for Java5/4/09 on InfoQ
A minimalist, opinionated, full-stack web framework for Java that is only 88 classes in size.

Mockito 1.5 spies on plain objects9/18/08 on InfoQ
The latest release of Mockito introduces a unique way of setting expectations on your objects.

XHTML 2 and HTML 5 continue to diverge8/8/08 on InfoQ
These two specs seem similar, but have different goals. Are we looking at another standards war?

Apple ramps up involvement in SproutCore6/25/08 on InfoQ
Apple unofficially endorsed the SproutCore JS framework at WWDC. Will this be “Cocoa for the web?”

AJAX developers continue migrating to unobtrusive JavaScript6/24/08 on InfoQ
Unobtrusive JavaScript is an emerging technique that separates JavaScript from HTML markup.

Intro to Google Charts and gchartrb6/4/08 on InfoQ
Learn about Google’s chart generation web service the excellent gchartrb wrapper for Ruby.

Backbase 4.2 Includes New Data Services6/3/08 on InfoQ
Coverage of Backbase’s release of Enterprise Ajax for Java 4.2. This version includes new data connectors and support for JSF, Spring MVC, and Struts 2.0.

Client Side Storage Momentum Continues with PersistJS5/30/08 on InfoQ
Overview of PersistJS, a JavaScript framework enabling client-side data storage through a consistent API.

Automating File Uploads with SSH and Ruby5/29/07 on InfoQ
Learn how to create your own Ruby script to automate file uploads using SSH. A good introduction to Ruby as a powerful scripting language.