Ham radio gets a wiki

The web is really going places: ham radio operators now have their own wiki. Whoda thunkit?

HamWiki’s goal is to serve as a conduit for more experienced hams (Elmers) to share practical information (both technical and non-technical) with newbie operators. I’m tickled pink, purple, and green to have this resource available now (although eHam.net has always been a useful resource).

So how about it? I know of a couple other hams who are also computer geeks, but that’s about it. There’s plenty of room in the hobby for more enthusiasts, and a hobby dealing with AC reactance, antenna theory, and techniques of single-sideband modulation would seem to fit perfectly with the debate over statically versus dynamically typed languages

The ARRL’s web site is the definitive source of information about the hobby. It’s so much more than just CB on steroids. The tests are quite easy to pass if you’re willing to do a little studying. There are also several active radio clubs in the local area (see RARS for one).

The most immediate benefit, though, is that during North Carolina’s next ice storm, you’ll still be able to “phone home” even when your cell phone is rendered useless by power outages and falling towers.

Matt / AG4TS