Krugle: The Search Engine for Software Developers

I received my access code for the Krugle beta by e-mail last night. I immediately tried it out, of course. Here are my initial impressions.

The goal of Krugle is to make it easy for software developers to search for technical articles and code samples. Let’s face it: Google is a fantastic search engine, but it’s sometimes difficult to locate good code samples with it. Krugle changes all of that by allowing visitors to search specifically for source code, not just across web pages, but within project files from sites like Sourceforge as well.

After executing a code search, two panes open up on your screen. The left pane contains the source code you selected. The right pane shows other source code files in the same project. As you open new files, Krugle places them in tabs across the top of the page, very similar to Firefox. The difference is that Krugle uses Ajax goodness to drive its user-friendly interface. Searching with Krugle is a real treat.

If you’re interested in trying Krugle for yourself, visit the web site to sign up for the beta. Alternately, you could just wait a few more months for the production version of the engine to be released. If Krugle proves as useful to other developers as it has to me, I would be expecting Google to aquire yet another search engine a few months after Krugle goes live.

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