Excerpts from NFJS Anthology

No Fluff, Just Stuff (NFJS for short) is a symposium / conference / geekfest that began touring a few years ago. This year, an NFJS Anthology containing articles from many of the top speakers is being published by the Prag Prog guys. A couple of sample articles have been published as free PDFs.

The first article is by Stuart Halloway and covers how Spring uses Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming in a delightful marriage of DRY-bashing goodness.

The second article is by Glenn Vanderburg and is called “Buried Treasure.” Why is the software development field going backwards? Glenn explains why in this excellent treatise on why old is not bad.

I highly recommend reading both of these samplers because they contain a lot of useful information in their own right. Not having reviewed the entire Anthology yet I can’t vouch for the other articles, but given some of the names listed here (Eitan Suez, Venkat Subramaniam, Neal Ford, Jared Richardson) there probably isn’t much of a question over whether it’s good material or not!