Who is Ron Paul?

As a Christian who is socially conservative, fiscally libertarian, and non-interventionist, I’m having a very difficult time imagining myself actually voting for any of the current Republican Presidential candidates. I’m just hearing the same old thing from all of them. All except one, who happens to be the only guy up there actually willing to tick off a few people while articulating his principals. That guy is Ron Paul.

I agree with the premise of this article, namely, that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who has a chance of beating Hillary in 2008.

What’s really cool is how Ron Paul is taking advantage of the Internet to promote his message. As of today, he has over 44,000 Meetup members. There are literally dozens of Ron Paul-related video clips on YouTube. And why shouldn’t there be? The mainstream media is only giving coverage to the perceived frontrunners of both parties, who spout the same drivel day after day.

The Internet levels the playing field and de-monopolizes the television networks and newspapers. Even Google has hosted a one-hour Q&A session with Ron Paul. The Internet makes free speech free again. That’s why the efforts of many in our government to regulate the Internet should be aggresively opposed.

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you have to admit that Ron Paul speaks his mind and has a solid track record of constitutionlist voting. He’s a statesman in a political environment that harbors far too few.