Trouble purchasing iPod Touch January update

I was initially quite irritated with Apple for choosing to charge existing iPod Touch users like myself a $20 bill to get a hold of their January update. I’m still a bit ticked since it seems quite unfair to punish the early adopters like this, but by last Tuesday I had decided to push past my annoyance and plunk down the $20 for the update.

Now I can’t seem to purchase it for some reason.

When I visit the iTunes store or Apple’s web site and click on the link to buy the update, I get sent to a page with information about the update and a single OK button. I click OK and get sent back to the iTunes store home page. Every. Single. Time.

I’ve called Apple a couple of times on this. They say it’s a bug on their end and that they’re working on it, but they can’t seem to give me an estimated resolution time. Apparently, this problem is only being experienced by a few lucky people, like myself.

Has Apple lost a sale? Possibly. I want to give them my $20, but they just don’t seem to want it that badly. I may opt to use the 1.1.3 jailbreak instead (when it becomes available for the Touch).

And I was really looking forward to using the “official” apps…

4 thoughts on “Trouble purchasing iPod Touch January update

  1. If the jailbreak for the touch is anything like the iPhone’s, you’ll need to have an already jailbroken device, with 1.1.1 or 1.1.2, so you might be out of luck there again, depending on the status of your iPod touch.

  2. Alls I can say is, THANK GOD someone else is having the same problem I am. I phoned Apple (Canada), and two people had obviously never heard of this occuring and recommended that I restore my ipod. Ive tried on 3 computers now, and alls that happens is that once i click OK, it’s right back to the itunes store, again and again and again…

  3. Yep, I don’t know why Apple isn’t responding to the problem. I’m certainly not the only one experiencing in. They admitted as much when I called the other day.

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