Wasting time

“Imagine for a moment that someone has established for you a very unusual bank account. Each morning he has agreed to deposit $86,400. At then at the end of each day whatever you have not spent will be forfeited. Would you not be diligent to see to it that every penny of that account was withdrawn and properly spent? Would you allow any of it to expire unredeemed? You have such an account. For God has given you 86,400 precious and irreplaceable seconds in this day. Whatever is not used will expire and can never be reclaimed. Seize each moment therefore and invest it wisely.” — Rick Grubbs

One thought on “Wasting time

  1. Very good point. TV being a prime example (in most cases) of wasting time.

    It’s important to note, however, that rest, exploration (both physical and intellectual), and recreation, are *not* automatically wastes of time. Daydreaming can sometimes be the most productive thing to do in the end. Roger von Oech says (or quotes someone as saying) something like “If you don’t learn to pause, good ideas will never catch up to you.”

    Perhaps this is why God gave a Sabbath. Rest, celebrate, eat and drink, dance, make music, and have time to meditate on the most mind-boggling Being in the universe.

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