Speaking at RubyRX

RubyRXAre you a Ruby developer working in the Triangle? Are you registered for the RubyRX conference next weekend? If not, hop over to the Terralien blog to find out why you should come, then get registered!

The talk I’ll be giving at RubyRX is titled “Homesteading: The New Entrepreneurial Model.” Many years ago a community would come together to help a neighbor get started building a house. They’d all pitch in, knowing that when they needed help, those same friends would come to their aid as well. This model of community self-sufficiency has been recycled in the software world.

In this talk we’ll discuss how I’ve been using the homesteading model to build products with Ruby, and how others are doing the same. You’ll get enough of a grounding to move forward on your own, or help someone else while you learn more.

We’re going to have a great time at RubyRX. If you’re not planning on attending RailsConf or RubyConf this year, this may be your only chance to experience some expert teaching on Ruby. Best of all, it’s right in your backyard. Don’t miss it!