Airport wi-fi rant

I just returned from BizConf (a fantastic experience which I’ll be summarizing in a future post) and I have to report one very sad thing: out of four airports I passed through, RDU is still the only one that doesn’t offer free wi-fi. Nashville, Tampa, and Jacksonville all have it. RDU charges. This just doesn’t seem right, especially given that out of the aforementioned cities, Raleigh is known as a high tech mecca. This is RTP for cryin’ out loud. Please fix?

2 thoughts on “Airport wi-fi rant

  1. Great point. Matt, I live in the airport, really I do. I can´t tell you how many hours and overnight stays I´ve had in them lately.In the last 8 weeks or so I´ve been to airports in NYC, Madrid, Paris, Valencia, Washington, DC, Frankfurt, Rome…
    Raleigh is the only one I´ve been to this Summer that doesn´t have free Wi-Fi. It´s 2010 in the rest of the world but not in RDU. oh well

  2. This is a problem I’ve found throughout North Carolina. I used to often fly out of Greensboro with a connection in Charlotte (convoluted, I know). Neither had free WiFi, and the layovers weren’t long enough to justify paying for 24-hour access.

    My small town’s downtown area has free WiFi, and yet sizable airports (especially RDU – it’s international!) don’t. Pretty silly.

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