Fix Bluetooth in OS X Yosemite

I love OS X. It’s an incredibly reliable operating system and it’s usually a joy to operate. Unfortunately, since upgrading from OS X Mavericks to Yosemite I had been plagued with Bluetooth connectivity problems: My Apple keyboard would randomly disconnect from the computer. Once this happened, it became impossible to … Continue reading

Slides from my API talk

Thanks to everyone who turned out for my API talk at the Triangle Ruby Brigade. I wasn’t expecting such a large crowd and the resulting Q&A was really good. It was interesting hearing how other developers are using APIs in their projects, and what problems they are encountering and solving. … Continue reading

How to block ads on Facebook

The ads they run on Facebook are getting downright annoying. I’m confident I’m not alone in this feeling. Here’s a beginner’s tutorial describing how you can prevent Facebook ads from being displayed. You also pick up a few other nice features in the process. 1. Download and install Firefox If … Continue reading