Setting speed dial numbers on a Sprint RAZR V3m

I’ve been generally displeased with my Motorola RAZR. Sprint gave it to me over a year ago and aside from terribly poor battery life, it has one of the worst user interfaces I’ve ever seen on a phone. Despite that, it’s very compact and since my Sprint plan doesn’t expire until October of this year I’ve stuck with it.

Something I couldn’t figure out was how to set the speed dial numbers. Turns out that there isn’t a way to do this through the main “Contacts” list (seems like that would be the best place for it). After Google failed to turn up anything, I began randomly clicking through my settings menu in frustration, attempting to locate the speed dial settings. I finally found them. Finally.

Go to the main settings pane, then select the “Contacts” button (orange book with a phone icon on the front). There will be an entry on this menu titled “Speed Dial #s” which will let you configure everything you need. Why this wasn’t included on the main contact list I’ll never know, but there you have it.