Pricing a SaaS app is hard

Pricing a SaaS app is hard

Pricing a SaaS app is hard. Really hard. My flagship product Teascript launched with a subscription-based pricing model in 2007. This was primarily due to a limitation in the payment system I was integrating with. I did a bit of “market research” before settling on $19 per year for unlimited use of the app. … Continue reading

2015 goals (part 2)

I met with Susan Hand last week to convert my incredibly long list of goals for 2015 into an actionable plan. By the end of the hour, I had a spreadsheet categorizing my goals into 3 main areas: Consulting (currently my core business) Programs/Products (things that will replace my consulting income eventually) … Continue reading

2015 goals (part 1)

I established some general goals for 2015 in my 2014 annual review, however I’ve since become convicted about being more specific about these goals and describing them in a bit more detail. Fortunately, my friend Susan Hand is a project manager and has graciously offered to donate some of her time this … Continue reading

Introducing my latest Rails app: Fuelinator

I started building Fuelinator at the last West End Ruby meetup. The motivation behind the project was the lack of a decent system for tracking my business mileage. Existing apps like Fuelly and My Mile Marker make it unnecessarily difficult to enter mileage, and the statistics they produce just aren’t … Continue reading

Teascript goes live

I’m proud to announce that Teascript went live early last week. It’s been a long several months since originally conceiving the idea, building the app, beta testing, and deploying but now it’s finally ready for prime time. Teascript is a Rails application that makes it easy to design and build … Continue reading

Introducing Teascript

Teascript is a Rails-based web application I’ve been working on for about a month. It’s targeted towards home school parents and students who need to design a high school transcript with minimum fuss. Traditionally, this process has been quite involved. My own parents and I designed my transcript using an … Continue reading