2015 goals (part 1)

I established some general goals for 2015 in my 2014 annual review, however I’ve since become convicted about being more specific about these goals and describing them in a bit more detail. Fortunately, my friend Susan Hand is a project manager and has graciously offered to donate some of her time this week to assist me in refining and organizing my goals.

Here’s my not-so-short list of things I want to accomplish this year. These aren’t in any particular order and they aren’t categorized very well. Realistically, many of these probably can’t be accomplished in 2015 (if at all). I’m only one person and don’t have infinite time and resources (though I wish I did). But the first step to accomplishing something is establishing it as a goal. So here we go:

  • Establish realistic quarterly goals for the year
  • Maintain my existing monthly revenue from consulting
  • Finish building my 7 Days to Kick Sugar email course
  • Finish building my How to Build a Transcript email course
  • Hire a contract writer to improve copy for Teascript, my SaaS app
  • Hire a contract writer to create a companion eBook for Teascript
  • Aquire and execute a marketing plan for Teascript
  • Double monthly revenue from Teascript by the end of the year
  • Put Teascript on “autopilot” by automating or outsourcing time consuming tasks
  • Move my blogs from AppFog to Linode
  • Write a new post on my personal blog each week
  • Write a new post on my distance education blog each week
  • Put up Facebook/Google+ pages for my company, Adeptware
  • Put up Facebook/Google+ pages for my consulting services
  • Assist with organizing a local tech conference
  • Present at the Triangle Ruby meetup
  • Present at the Agile RTP meetup
  • Attend Triangle Startup Weekend
  • Build a web site “health check” SaaS app
  • Build a SaaS app to establish, track, and achieve life goals
  • Write an eBook about how to manage variable income as a freelancer
  • Write an eBook about nutrition for developers (or more generally, freelancers)
  • Revise and re-release the Career 2.0 eBook with Jared Richardson
  • Exercise consistently 3 times per week
  • Select and hire a good financial advisor
  • Rollover my old 401(k) to an IRA
  • Pay off my home mortgage
  • Learn more about real estate investing
  • Start attending a real estate investing meetup
  • Find a real estate investor who can be a mentor
  • Aquire a piece of investment real estate
  • Learn more about investing in privately held businesses
  • Invest in a local privately held business
  • Continue on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Yes, it’s a lot. I’m sure Susan will help me whittle this list down to something more manageable. It should be interesting comparing this list with whatever comes out of my meeting with her. Check back next week for those results.

Have you established any goals for 2015 yet? Is your list as crazy as mine? Post a comment and let me know what you’re planning.

3 thoughts on “2015 goals (part 1)

  1. Hi Matt,

    Can I follow your blog that you shared on facebook in a regular basis? It looks extremely inspiring. I too have lots of goals this year that I would like to learn to have better success at working towards/achieving. Thanks for adding me as a Facebook Friend. I made the roasted sweet potatoes from the Paleo Approach Cookbook and put cinnamon on top of them and they are yummy! Used 4 varieties of sweet potatoes. Have a great week ahead!

    • Hey Christie! Glad you found this post inspiring. I always cross-post to Facebook so you should see new entries come up in my feed there, or you can subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking “Subscribe to my feed” at the top of this blog’s home page. I bet those sweet potatoes were incredible!

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