2015 goals (part 2)

I met with Susan Hand last week to convert my incredibly long list of goals for 2015 into an actionable plan. By the end of the hour, I had a spreadsheet categorizing my goals into 3 main areas: Consulting (currently my core business) Programs/Products (things that will replace my consulting income eventually) … Continue reading

2015 goals (part 1)

I established some general goals for 2015 in my 2014 annual review, however I’ve since become convicted about being more specific about these goals and describing them in a bit more detail. Fortunately, my friend Susan Hand is a project manager and has graciously offered to donate some of her time this … Continue reading

Secrets of Effective Nomading

“Secrets of Effective Nomading” was a lightning talk I was planning on giving at this year’s Ruby Hoedown. Due to my flight arrangements, however, I was unable to give the talk in person. I made a video recording instead. It’s about six minutes long. If you’re not familiar with the … Continue reading

Nomadic programming (part 1)

I’m a freelance software developer which means I generally work from home unless a client needs me to be on-site. I don’t mind being alone to a certain extent, but after a few straight weeks it can get pretty lonely. Recently, I’ve started doing what I’ve termed “nomadic programming.” Namely, … Continue reading

Career 2.0 at TriJUG tonight

Has your career been a random product of your manager’s whims or company’s needs? Never rely on your company to keep your skills current and marketable. Take control of your own career with a proven strategy. Jared Richardson presents a talk titled “Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life” at … Continue reading

Motivation and goals

Motivation is generally the natural result of what we’re doing. We’re motivated to get a license so we can drive to the store. We’re motivated to learn a new programming language because our current job is boring. We’re motivated to lose weight because we want to look like the people … Continue reading

Resources for entrepreneurs

Check out Lifehack’s list of resources for entrepreneurs. It’s an incredible collection of useful sites and blogs with advice ranging from how to start a niche business to how to maximize your Google AdSense income. I’m at the stage right now where I’m trying to learn as much as possible … Continue reading

How does one handle busy days?

My new consulting business, Adeptware, is in its second month and today I got slammed. Phone calls and e-mails with potential clients, a trip to the bank to get my new DBA forms copied for my accounts, an evening planning session with the calendar, installation of a new domain name … Continue reading

Announcing Adeptware

I’m pleased to announce that the web site for my new software consulting company, Adeptware, is now live. Half the battle in starting something new is picking a good name for it. The name was the result of a combination of suggestions from my family. I’m quite happy with what … Continue reading