Announcing Adeptware

Adeptware :: Software consultancy specializing in Ruby, Java, .NET and PHPI’m pleased to announce that the web site for my new software consulting company, Adeptware, is now live. Half the battle in starting something new is picking a good name for it. The name was the result of a combination of suggestions from my family. I’m quite happy with what we came up with, and even happier that the domain name was available. I plan on expanding the site later on, but for now it’s suitable for what I want to say.

My goal for the company is to solve clients’ business problems through custom software development in Ruby, Java, .NET and PHP. I’m also interested in helping clients implement agile processes in their own environments, especially automated testing and continuous integration, two things that I’ve had a lot of experience with.

I plan on leveraging my background in agile methodologies and a variety of programming languages and techniques to create compelling, durable software for clients. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or Fortune 500 company, I’m interested in working with you. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact me via the web site or simply post a comment below.