Introducing my latest Rails app: Fuelinator

Gas CanI started building Fuelinator at the last West End Ruby meetup. The motivation behind the project was the lack of a decent system for tracking my business mileage. Existing apps like Fuelly and My Mile Marker make it unnecessarily difficult to enter mileage, and the statistics they produce just aren’t that useful to me.

My initial goal with Fuelinator is to make mileage entry dead simple and to provide some compelling new features… for example, alerts via email or SMS when my vehicle’s mileage changes suddenly. This helps me track down maintenance problems early and gives me valuable information about what does and doesn’t improve my gas mileage. For example, I changed my air filter and inflated my tires last week. If my mileage changes drastically this week, I want to know. Now, Fuelinator will tell me.

The ultimate goal is for Fuelinator to save its users gobs of money on their gas bills. I haven’t made Fuelinator public yet, but if you’d like to participate in the beta program make sure you sign up. It’s going to be a fun ride!