Slides from my API talk

Thanks to everyone who turned out for my API talk at the Triangle Ruby Brigade. I wasn’t expecting such a large crowd and the resulting Q&A was really good. It was interesting hearing how other developers are using APIs in their projects, and what problems they are encountering and solving. … Continue reading

Excluding iPads from the mobile-fu Rails plugin

mobile-fu is a handy little Rails plugin that automatically detects when mobile devices are accessing your web application and adjusts the request format accordingly. For example: mobile-fu even loads any mobile stylesheets you’ve created, including device-specific stylesheets for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. There is also a way to set the … Continue reading

Spreedly extension for Radiant

I built the original Spreedly extension for Radiant a couple of years ago. It’s a nice little package that makes it really easy to integrate Spreedly’s subscription payment system with your Radiant site. You can choose which pages to require a subscription to view, manage subscribers from the admin backend, … Continue reading