Announcing youtube_tags extension for Radiant

A recent project required the latest YouTube videos from a specific user to be listed inside a Radiant page. There wasn’t an existing extension that did this so I built my own. youtube_tags is based on the excellent twitter_tags extension. It enables inclusion of YouTube videos within Radiant pages using a series of Radius tags. It leverages the youtube-g gem to pull data directly from the GData API.

For example, this is how you would display linked titles for the top 5 videos from my YouTube account (“pelargir”) using the Radius tags provided by the extension:

  <r:youtube user="pelargir">
    <r:videos count="5">
      <li><a href="<r:video:url />"><r:video:title /></a></li>

To install in your own project, visit the youtube_tags profile in the Radiant extension registry.