Homesteading at indieconf

indieconf, Raleigh’s first conference for freelancers, took place Saturday, November 13th at the McKimmon Center near NCSU. It was, in a word, exceptional. And they had brownies.

I was only able to attend the afternoon sessions, but the content was fantastic. It was even better getting a chance to interact with fellow attendees. Being a Ruby developer, it’s easy to get tied down with a single local network. Attending indieconf gave me the opportunity to interact with an entirely different network of people. The smaller nature of the conference made it feel like I actually had a chance to meet everyone. It was a great experience!

My session was Homesteading for Freelancers. You can read the brief at the link so I won’t repeat it. For those who attended, please download the slides and also consider rating the talk. Any feedback you can provide will help me improve. I appreciate it!

Kudos to Michael Kimsal for organizing the conference. He obviously put a lot of thought, care, and elbow grease into making indieconf a success. Little touches like the smiley/frowney whiteboard for providing feedback were really nice. This is definitely something I want to attend next year. My only regret this year is that I wasn’t able to be there for the full day.