Quick ‘n dirty Lindo step for Cucumber

Lindo is great for verifying your Rails tests by opening the HTTP response body in a browser for inspection. It works with most popular testing frameworks including Test::Unit and RSpec. But what about Cucumber? It’s actually pretty easy to build a custom Cucumber step that triggers Lindo from your cukes. … Continue reading

Time warping gem goodness

The time zone warp code I posted about last week is now a gem: To configure in your Rails app, add this line to the bottom of test.rb: You can also fork the code from the project on GitHub.

Time zone warp

One of my Rails projects makes heavy use of time zones. I’ve run into some issues writing good tests for this type of thing. In particular, I’ve needed my tests to run within a time zone outside my own. But I don’t want to permanently change the time zone within … Continue reading

Radiant hack night

I attended my first Radiant hack night last week. We met at John’s apartment and spent several hours coding up new features for Radiant, which is an awesome Content Management System (CMS) built on Rails. Rick and John worked on a redesign of the admin backend, while Michael and I … Continue reading

Introducing my latest Rails app: Fuelinator

I started building Fuelinator at the last West End Ruby meetup. The motivation behind the project was the lack of a decent system for tracking my business mileage. Existing apps like Fuelly and My Mile Marker make it unnecessarily difficult to enter mileage, and the statistics they produce just aren’t … Continue reading

rspec’s route_for breaks when upgrading Rails

Came across this interesting test failure after upgrading a project to Rails 2.2.2 earlier today: should route users’s ‘destroy’ action correctly The recognized options “show”, “id”=>”1”, “controller”=>”users”}> did not match “destroy”, “id”=>”1”, “controller”=>”users”}>, difference: “destroy”}> Turns out that rspec’s route_for method behaves differently when run against Rails 2.2+ due to … Continue reading