rspec’s route_for breaks when upgrading Rails

Came across this interesting test failure after upgrading a project to Rails 2.2.2 earlier today:

should route users's 'destroy' action correctly

The recognized options <{"action"=>"show", "id"=>"1",
"controller"=>"users"}> did not match <{"action"=>"destroy", "id"=>"1",
"controller"=>"users"}>, difference: <{"action"=>"destroy"}>

Turns out that rspec’s route_for method behaves differently when run against Rails 2.2+ due to the routing changes. The controller in question is setup as a resource, so the “destroy” action must be called via an HTTP DELETE, not a GET.

The failing line in the test looked like this:

route_for(:controller => 'users', :action => 'destroy', :id => 1).should == '/users/1'

The fix was simple enough:

route_for(:controller => 'users', :action => 'destroy', :id => 1).should == {:path => '/users/1', :method => :delete}

Hope this helps anyone who is experiencing the same problem.

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