Quick ‘n dirty Lindo step for Cucumber

Lindo is great for verifying your Rails tests by opening the HTTP response body in a browser for inspection. It works with most popular testing frameworks including Test::Unit and RSpec. But what about Cucumber?

It’s actually pretty easy to build a custom Cucumber step that triggers Lindo from your cukes. First, install the Lindo gem in your Rails app. Then create features/steps/lindo_steps.rb and insert this code:

Then /^render the current page$/ do
  extend Lindo

The step can be named whatever you like best, but “render the current page” works for me. To trigger Lindo from within your cukes, simply reference the step like so:

Given I am logged in
When I follow "some link"
Then render the current page

When Cucumber hits the last step, the default browser window will open and the contents of the page at that step in the scenario will be displayed. This is very handy when troubleshooting why a specific scenario is failing. It’s also useful for determining what you should be testing for on a given page.