Teascript goes live

TeascriptI’m proud to announce that Teascript went live early last week. It’s been a long several months since originally conceiving the idea, building the app, beta testing, and deploying but now it’s finally ready for prime time.

Teascript is a Rails application that makes it easy to design and build professional high school transcripts. It’s mainly targeted towards home school parents and students, however, I’ve received interest from several public and private schools who are looking for a transcript generation package they can install locally so the potential for this product seems huge.

For those interested in how Teascript was deployed, the application runs on Apache 2.2 with mod_proxy_balancer and a cluster of Mongrels. I’m using a VPS provided by Slicehost. This setup has been rock solid so far.

My talk at RailsConf this year will focus on the development of Teascript: how the target niche was chosen, how the application was marketed, and so on. My goal is to demonstrate how the principles outlined in 37 Signals’ book Getting Real and the homesteading concepts put forth by Nathaniel Talbott at last year’s RailsConf were combined to produce a web product that is self-maintaining, sustainable, and capable of generating passive income.

So please, check out Teascript and let me know what you think.