RubyConf 2012 recap (part 2)

Continuing from part 1 of the recap, here are the remaining six talks I attended during RubyConf in Denver: Y Not – Adventures in Functional Programming by Jim Weirich Jim’s presentations never disappoint and this was no exception. Similar to his prior talk where he built Git from scratch, except … Continue reading

RubyConf 2012 recap

After being unable to attend RubyConf last year, I was thrilled when I heard that this year’s conference would be held in Denver. Having lived in Boulder for several years, I’ve learned to love Colorado, the scenery, and the people. So it was almost a given that I would be … Continue reading

Indieconf 2012 recap

Indieconf 2012 happened this past Saturday at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh. I’ve attended every indieconf for the past 3 years and this was by far the best yet. Michael Kimsal does an incredible job of recruiting speakers and organizing a full day of thought provoking presentations. I really don’t … Continue reading Roster goes live is an exciting new alternative to Twitter. It’s perfect for those of us who would rather not be subjected to an endless stream of advertising. It feels like Twitter did years ago, except better because the nominal monthly fee keeps out the riffraff. The creators of also place … Continue reading

Ruby Hoedown 2012 recap

This year’s Ruby Hoedown was at the Scarritt Bennet Center in Nashville. Per his usual, Jeremy McAnally organized a top-notch, free, two day regional Ruby conference that was a pleasure to attend. A lot of work goes into organizing this type of thing. I doff my proverbial hat to Jeremy … Continue reading