10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

ZDNet UK recently published a list of common grammar mistakes that occur in e-mail messages. This isn’t something I’ve seen very much of from my friends and business associates, but every now and then an item from this list will sneak into a blog entry or an e-mail.

I realize I’m just as serious an offender as everyone else, but I still thought I’d share this article with y’all. It was a helpful reminder to me of just how important correct grammar can be, especially in business communications.

Now don’t go using no bad grammer anymore, okay?

2 thoughts on “10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

  1. I thought most of these “mistakes” were correct if you’re using American grammer. It seems like 90% of Americans use this version.

  2. I have to add a common mistake, this one a spoken one:

    NO: We have to do a whole nuther round of testing.

    Yes: We have to do another whole round of testing.

    This is one is so common, and it should not be 😉

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