RailsConf ho!

Tomorrow I fly to Chicago for the biggest Ruby bash so far this year: RailsConf 2006! Aside from getting to hear some wonderful keynote speakers and hang out with a herd of fellow Rubyists, many of my buddies from the Raleigh area (and elsewhere) will also be in attendance. It’ll be great seeing familiar faces again, and meeting the owners of some new ones. If you’re planning on being at RailsConf too, consider posting a comment here so I’ll know to look for you.

Chicagoans, brace yourselves. The geeks cometh.

3 thoughts on “RailsConf ho!

  1. Being a language geek as well as a computer geek, I feel compelled to inform you that in Early Modern English, the -(e)th equates to the modern -s, and thus should not be used with a plural subject. 🙂

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