Fantastic Foxmarks

Foxmarks LogoHave you wondered how to effectively synch bookmarks between work and home? I discovered the Foxmarks plugin for Firefox almost by accident last week and it does the trick for me. Better still, it’s fast and lightweight, the perfect companion for an agile developer.

Foxmarks installs into Firefox in seconds. Once running, all we need to do is hit Command-Shift-S to synch our bookmarks with a remote server. Hop on to a second system, install the plugin again, and hit Command-Shift-S to download the bookmarks we just synched. End of story? Not quite. What if we add a different bookmark on both computers at the same time? Foxmarks is smart enough to handle merging both bookmarks the next time we synch.

Foxmarks is a really wonderful tool and I highly recommend it. I no longer have to worry about my bookmarks getting out of synch between the computers that I work on. This has saved me a lot of time and angst.