4 thoughts on “Be aware

  1. Ron Paul is my first choice, but I’d vote for Huckabee if he ended up being the nominee. There are points I dislike about both candidates. Paul just strikes me as being the only candidate running in either party that speaks his principals no matter the consequences.

  2. With the exception of Ron Paul, everyone currently running for Pres., both Rep. and Dem., are statists (including Huckabee). A vote for Hukabee is a vote for the same insanity that we are currently under.

  3. It’s not an all or nothing game. Ron Paul is my first pick, but he may not even be on the ballot here in NC (a state that has a woefully late primary). If he’s not, I’ll vote for Huckabee over the others because he matches up with more of my views than the other candidates do.

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