The Bible on my Mac

I attended the 2007 National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, North Carolina this past weekend. One thing (among many) that I realized while participating was that I needed a copy of the Bible on my MacBook. I brought my MB for note taking since my handwriting is woefully slow, but it would have been great if I could have looked up scripture references without leaving the keyboard.

I don’t just want a PDF. I want a nice OS X-style application with a built-in concordance and whatnot. Googling around this evening has revealed two possibilities: MacSword (free) and Logos (commercial). Logos isn’t due to be released for the Mac for some time yet, so I’ll be trying out MacSword for now. Anyone have suggestions on other apps that I might have missed? Or maybe there is a generic eBook reader for the Mac out there that I haven’t stumbled across yet?

3 thoughts on “The Bible on my Mac

  1. I use to use eSword before I switched to the Mac (Halelujah!), but I really haven’t found anything yet that has been as useful to me. I tried several times to get the author of eSword to open source the project, or at least let me help build a mac version, but no dice of yet.

    Thanks for the pointers to the options, I’ll check them out.

  2. I use Accordance. It’s phenomenally powerful, but I scratch about 1% of it’s ability. It’s primarily aimed at scholars, so most of what it can do goes over my head.

    Unfortunatley (in my opinion) usability is a little bit lacking, and it doesn’t adhere very closely to Aqua UI guidelines/conventions, so it feels rather clunky.

    These problems may have been addressed in more recent versions–I haven’t upgraded for a couple of years. Definitely worth checking out, though.

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