Autumn beauty at Hanging Rock

In November, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Hanging Rock State Park with some friends from church. Though the fall colors were past peak, it was still an enjoyable and invigorating hike. I took this video clip from the top of Hanging Rock with my iPod Nano. It … Continue reading

The Bible on my Mac

I attended the 2007 National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, North Carolina this past weekend. One thing (among many) that I realized while participating was that I needed a copy of the Bible on my MacBook. I brought my MB for note taking since my handwriting is woefully slow, … Continue reading

Fitting words

From the biography of John Henry Jowett: “We leave our places of worship, and no deep and inexpressible wonder sits upon our faces. We can sing these lilting melodies, and when we go out into the street our faces are one with the faces of those who have left the … Continue reading

Waiting rooms are evil

If we could recapture the time wasted sitting in tiny rooms waiting to be called on to see the doctor, we could solve world hunger and declare global peace in a single day. Why yes, I did visit the doc today. How ever did you guess? After being told to … Continue reading