Waiting rooms are evil

If we could recapture the time wasted sitting in tiny rooms waiting to be called on to see the doctor, we could solve world hunger and declare global peace in a single day.

Why yes, I did visit the doc today. How ever did you guess?

After being told to show up a half-hour early to fill out paperwork that took 5 minutes to complete, then sitting around for the next hour reading ancient copies of Parents magazine, you can imagine the mood I was in when I was finally called. God is obviously trying to teach me patience through these ordeals, it’s just my own thick skull that’s getting in the way.

God must also be testing my tolerance for pain since this is the third time in the past few months that a doc has found the need to “practice” (yes, it’s a pun) an especially painful procedure on me, albeit for my own (eventual) good. At least the pain brought about some immediate good by making me consider an interesting question: do we place the same amount of faith in God that we do in medical professionals?

Ahhh, the theology of the doctor’s office!