Thursday’s Ruby meetup was a huge success

Last Thursday’s meeting of the Raleigh-area Ruby Brigade (also known as raleigh.rb, the Ruby Meetup, or the Ruby User’s Group… take your pick) was a huge success. A record-breaking 30 Rubyists were in attendance. Whether that was due to RailsConf or whether it was just a freak occurrence, I don’t know. What I do know is that it was a remarkable experience being part of a group that filled an entire room at Panera Bread.

Nathaniel Talbott, the founder of the group, was out of town and had asked that I run the meeting. Little did I know what I was in for. Fortunately, there were plenty of RailsConf attendees there who had interesting stories to share. Lots of folks hung around to chat afterwards too. As a direct result of the meetup, I’ve given Mongrel a try and must say that I am very impressed with this well behaved dog. Let’s hope I stay that way.

You say you live in the Triangle area and aren’t a member of raleigh.rb yet? Sacrilege! Sign yourself up right away. We meet once a month at the Panera Bread at Brier Creek, though the location very well may have to change given the attendance we had this last time around. (This is a good thing.)