Audio interview for RubyRX 2009

RubyRXJared Richardson just posted a series of interviews in anticipation of the upcoming RubyRX/AgileRX conference taking place in Reston, Virginia in September. In my interview we discuss iPhone development, MacRuby, Git, and testing frameworks.

I’m really looking forward to presenting again at RubyRX. I’ll be giving two talks this year. Git with Ruby will explore the Git source control system and how Ruby can take advantage of it. In Which Ruby Testing Framework Should I Use? we’ll briefly examine several leading testing frameworks and study the pros and cons of each. You’ll leave fully prepared to pick the best framework for your next project.

Let me know if you’re coming to the conference this year and we can link up in Reston. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? RubyRX is a chance to network with the best and brightest developers in the area, and hear from thought leaders like Andy Hunt, Rich Kilmer, Joe O’Brien, and Chad Fowler. It’s a great way to keep your skills sharp in a down year.