Using routes inside Radius tags

I’m in the middle of developing a Radiant extension for Terralien. Radius is the tagging language for Radiant, and today I figured out how to use a route from inside a custom tag class. A typical Radius tag class might look like this: module AwesomeTags include Radiant::Taggable tag “session:logout” do … Continue reading

rspec_validation_expectations gem released

I just released a new gem on GitHub that provides some common validation expectations to rspec. Instead of writing specs to verify that your models are handling validation correctly, these expectations simply check that the validation is getting declared correctly in your model. For example: describe User do it_should_validate_presence_of :first_name, … Continue reading

RubyCamp is coming to Raleigh

Raleigh’s first RubyCamp is coming to Red Hat on October 18th. This is a similar format to BarCamp in that the presentations are pitched the morning of the conference, and attendees self organize the remainder of the day. Relevance will be running their popular Refactotum workshop in the morning. The … Continue reading

Lindo graduates to a gem

Lindo renders the body of an HTTP response from inside a Rails functional or integration test. It used to be a plugin, but now it’s a gem. Why? Because Rails gems are the new hotness. Now go get it.

finder_filter gem released

I’m at the Ruby Hoedown in Huntsville this weekend. Being around so many brilliant geeks encouraged me to release a gem I’ve had sitting in the hopper for several weeks. finder_filter encapsulates a pattern I find myself using quite frequently in Rails. Namely, looking up an instance variable before an … Continue reading