Ruby Hoedown 2010

This year’s Ruby Hoedown is happening in Nashville again on September 3rd and 4th. I’m really looking forward to attending. The quality of the talks combined with the smaller attendance size makes for some great hallway conversations. Last year’s Hoedown was at the Opryland hotel which was a stellar venue. … Continue reading

RubyConf in New Orleans

This year’s RubyConf is being held in New Orleans on November 11th – 13th. Count me in. I’ve only driven through the area once so it’ll be interesting to make a longer visit. Although I’m ultimately keeping my fingers crossed for a Raleigh RubyConf one of these days. Hey, I … Continue reading

Time warping gem goodness

The time zone warp code I posted about last week is now a gem: To configure in your Rails app, add this line to the bottom of test.rb: You can also fork the code from the project on GitHub.

Time zone warp

One of my Rails projects makes heavy use of time zones. I’ve run into some issues writing good tests for this type of thing. In particular, I’ve needed my tests to run within a time zone outside my own. But I don’t want to permanently change the time zone within … Continue reading

Audio interview for RubyRX 2009

Jared Richardson just posted a series of interviews in anticipation of the upcoming RubyRX/AgileRX conference taking place in Reston, Virginia in September. In my interview we discuss iPhone development, MacRuby, Git, and testing frameworks. I’m really looking forward to presenting again at RubyRX. I’ll be giving two talks this year. … Continue reading

Lindo testing helper gets some love

Lindo helps you write and verify Rails functional and integration tests by opening the HTTP response body in the default browser for inspection. This can be a real time-saver when you’re trying to figure out why your assert_select or have_tag calls aren’t passing. In its initial version, Lindo assumed that … Continue reading