Review of “Mastering Guerrilla Marketing”

I recently finished reading Mastering Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the popular Guerrilla Marketing series. It was a good read. The book was broken up into 12 chapters and about 100 individually-numbered sections, each containing information about a certain aspect of guerrilla marketing. Topics ranged from planning to online marketing to technology to economizing.

Levinson’s plan makes sense to me, but the organization of the book didn’t. Each numbered section didn’t have any kind of descriptive header, so I had to guess at what topic the section would focus on. Levinson’s instructions for creating a guerrilla marketing plan weren’t very instructional. They didn’t follow a logical, step-by-step pattern. This is more of an idea book than anything else, but the ideas he has are very good.

One quote that I found particularly encouraging is this:

There is no need to hit a home run the first time you’re at bat. A single will do, then another single, then another, one following the other — none grandiose, but each bringing you closer to your goal.

Speaking for myself, I’m in “single hitting mode” right now. I’m almost to first base and will shortly be setting my eyes on second and digging in.

If you’re looking for specific tips on marketing your business, look for a different book. If you like big-picture ideas, are wondering how to put the customer first as you market, and want some encouragement in your new business venture, it would be worth your time to check out Mastering Guerrilla Marketing.