Another record-setting Ruby meetup

Last night’s meeting of the Raleigh-area Ruby Brigade set another record for attendance: 44 by Nathaniel’s count. This is 14 more than last month’s meeting. Incredible!

This was another first for the group in that we were meeting at Red Hat’s headquarters on NC State’s centennial campus instead of our old location at the Brier Creek Panera Bread. This is the same building that BarCamp was held in a few months ago. It’s a VERY nice facility. Open wi-fi, convenient restrooms, and a red motif that goes nicely with the whole Ruby thing.

Last night’s presentation was given by Stuart Halloway and Justin Ghetland. They introduced their new Streamlined framework to the group, which can be described as scaffolding on steroids. Maybe that’s too simplistic, though. I saw their original demo at RailsConf in June, but they were able to go into more detail tonight which was nice.

Nathaniel made several announcements before the presentation began:

  • There is a Southeastern Regional Ruby Conference in the works. More information to follow soon.
  • A Ruby hacking night is being organized. This will probably take place once a month on Wednesday at our old meeting location, Panera Bread.
  • The raleigh.rb mailing list is the happenin’ place to be. Join up!

What, you say you’re not a member of the Brigade yet? There is no excuse not to be. Sign yourself up and start hobnobbing with the ever-growing crowd of local Rubyists.