Fix for fixture_replacement2 when using default methods

I’ve been using the excellent fixture_replacement plugin for several months now and greatly prefer it over traditional fixtures (yes, even foxy fixtures). fixture_replacement2 adds even more goodness to the party. However, I ran into a problem today when trying to use default_xxx methods in my example_data.rb file:

module FixtureReplacement
  attributes_for :course do |c| = "Geometry"
    c.transcript = default_transcript
  attributes_for :transcript do |e| = "Joe's Transcript"

In “fixture_replacement language” this says that new courses should receive a default name of “Geometry” and should also receive a new transcript with a default name of “Joe’s Transcript.” The example above follows the format given in the fixture_replacement README. When I attempt to use this config file in my Rails 2.0.2 project, though, I get this error:

NameError: undefined local variable or method `default_transcript' for FixtureReplacement:Module
at top level in example_data.rb at line 7

Why can’t it find default_transcript? I have no idea. Digging into the source code reveals that default_transcript is added to the FixtureReplacement module at runtime, but for some reason it doesn’t ever show up as being available for calling. I don’t have the time or inclination to dig further, but I did find a workaround by changing:

c.transcript = default_transcript


c.transcript = c.default_transcript

This makes fixture_replacement happy and all my tests pass. I submitted a patch so hopefully this wrinkle will be ironed out soon. But this should get you by until then.